Intellectual Property Investigations

Enforcement & Investigations

For the past 15 years we have worked with the top rated global  Intellectual Property (IP) law firms and many of the Fortune 100 companies with IP Investigations, investigations in support of enforcing International Trade Commission Orders, Patent and Trademark Infringement, counterfeit, gray market, piracy or theft cases. Whether you are considering filing a lawsuit or are responsible for defending a suit filed by a patent or trademark holder, we know how to help.  Our experts have successfully assisted clients around the globe by:

  • Uncovering evidence that can reveal whether individuals and/or companies have infringed on your client’s intellectual property 
  • Scrutinizing the backgrounds and activities of the inventors and/or assignees in order to determine the authenticity of the intellectual property at issue
  • Identifying and locating witnesses to be interviewed and/or deposed
  • Monitoring air freight and sea shipping activities, assembly plants, free trade zones and borders to track infringing products
  • Working with U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) field agents and other government agents to assure that our client's rights are protected and that infringing products do not enter the U.S.
  • Gathering and analyzing critical information and facts used to cross-examine deponents or experts

Our Team

Klink & Co. protects the intellectual property rights of the largest corporations in the world. 

Our professionals — former senior law enforcement agents of the U.S. CBP, Department of Justice, Hong Kong police, as well as expert research analysts and field investigators — can obtain the evidence and track components and finished products from manufacturing facilities to assembly plants and beyond.

Our Results

Our team of experts first established where components and finished goods were manufactured in Asia. We followed the trail of component parts into Mexico where they were being assembled and incorporated into finished goods destined for U.S. markets. We tracked infringing and mislabeled goods into California, which were sent by trucks and rail to major U.S. retailers.

When a European investment fund was considering making a $500 million investment into manufacturing facilities in Brazil and China, we were retained to investigate the business and its principals. 

By conducting research in countries where the key principals had been active, including in Africa, we found that one of the key players had committed bank fraud in South Africa and also had stolen real estate funds in China. 

By completing comprehensive due diligence on the parties we prevented our client from suffering a major loss.