Litigation Support

Accurate Information

How can you ensure that you are making the best decisions and have the most accurate financial information when confronting business problems, disputes and litigation? By selecting the right partner. We provide comprehensive financial litigation support services and forensic accounting services. 

We are uniquely qualified to assist you with the challenging financial issues of business disputes and litigation, including contract disputes, business interruption, fraud, insurance claims, bankruptcy analysis, intellectual property disputes and other areas.

Our professionals include Certified Public Accountants and Certified Fraud Examiners who are highly skilled in performing accounting, financial and economic analysis. Our experience working with counsel and clients can provide seamless integration with your litigation team.

Facts Win Lawsuits

We have uncovered facts that have made the difference in winning and losing critical motions, hearings and trials.

We perform detailed background investigations of deponents. Through research, interviews and surveillance, we obtain and analyze important facts for law firms and corporate clients of all sizes. Our expert team can evaluate the motives, histories, goals and resources of litigants. We find the facts to impeach witnesses and interview the witnesses who are important to our clients.

Our Results

When a law firm engaged in litigation needed to find out what happened to certain equipment, we found that the other side had stolen it and moved it to the Middle East. Our client prevailed in a European court.

When a technology firm engaged in a patent infringement battle needed to find out how goods were entering the U.S., we tracked the goods from Korea to Mexico to the U.S. Our client won their International Trade Commission case.

When a U.S. bank needed to do background checks on 30 witnesses, we developed substantial information on each that supported their litigation position. The bank prevailed in federal court.