Criminal and civil regulatory actions follow when organizations fail to understand their global compliance obligations.  Whether involving an anti-bribery law, OFAC or other sanctions or watch list mandate, failure to follow the law can destroy the careers of executives and severely damage a company’s reputation.  To assure compliance, KLINK evaluates the risk profile of every client.  We audit current programs to understand strengths and weaknesses, and crafts policies and procedures to assure that clients and third-parties working with them comply with a complex network of regulations and laws.  We have special expertise when you are doing business in higher-risk regions of the world.  

We provide strategic advice to help organizations identify risk, prevent misconduct, and resolve challenges. 

Compliance Services

  • Anti-Bribery Compliance. FCPA and beyond

  • Compliance with OFAC, and other sanctions and watch lists

  • In-Person and On-Line Training

  • Creating Policies and Procedures

  • Audits of Existing Programs