Due Diligence

Due Diligence Investigations

Regardless of the nature of the business transaction—a merger, acquisition, joint venture, or investment opportunity—a due diligence investigation is essential for providing critical information about a proposed target to help you make knowledgeable and informed business decisions. 

Our experience team provides results by researching strategic background information, analyzing company litigation and financial records, conducting comprehensive asset searches, verifying employee backgrounds, identifying compliance risks and more. 

Case Highlight

When a European investment fund was considering making a $500 million investment into manufacturing facilities in Brazil and China, they retained Klink & Co. to investigate the business and its principals. 

By conducting research in countries where the key principals had been active, we found that one of the key players had committed bank fraud in South Africa and had stolen real estate funds in China. Our comprehensive due diligence prevented our client from suffering a major loss.