Enhanced Risk-Based Due Diligence Portal

KlinkSMART is a user-friendly and secure portal, developed by former federal prosecutors, compliance experts, and leaders in technology, that mitigates organizational FCPA, M & A, and other risks by Screening, Managing, Analyzing, Reporting, and Tracking third parties.

What is KlinkSMART?

With our compliance experts and extensive due diligence experience, the KlinkSMART portal was designed to make due diligence and compliance requirements seamless, cost-effective, and easy to use for organizations of any size. 

The KlinkSMART portal allows organizations to dictate the level of research that will mitigate risks consistently and with an easy, cost-effective approach.    Users can easily enter due diligence research requests, determine report status, and access and download reports. 

What makes us different?

We are more than just an online platform.

Our favorable cost structure, the depth and quality of our research, unlimited free consultation with compliance professionals including former federal prosecutors (among them the co-founder of the largest compliance organization in the world), and no long required term contracts, make us the preferred choice of public companies today. 


Our compliance professionals are ready to assist. Contact us for a demonstration of the KlinkSMART portal.