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CCI Magazine: Mitigating FCPA Risk and Maximizing Opportunities in a Global Economy

Entering new markets requires copious amounts of due diligence. While there are risks of corruption and bribery, Greece offers many intriguing perks. KLINK President and CEO Jeffrey Klink outlines the current opportunities and risks of conducting business in Greece.

KLINK Welcomes New Associate of Global Risk Solutions

KLINK today announced that Alexander Hardwick will join the team as an Associate of Global Risk Solutions. Read more

The Real Risks of Doing Business in Russia

Every day there is a new story on corrupted power in Russia and the United States’ efforts to combat it. We know the key players. We know their games. The key question is how do we properly protect US business and political interests? Read more

FCPA Blog: Take These Counter-Measures to Prevent China IP Thefts

The theft of intellectual property (IP) is a challenge facing organizations and industries operating globally. A special risk involves Chinese nationals both in and outside the PRC using less than sophisticated methods to steal IP. Read more

Protecting Your Bottom Line in High-Risk Markets

Now is a good time to review the effectiveness of your compliance program. Make sure your processes are risk-based and adequate to avoid government investigations and charges. Read more

Webinar: How to Respond to Hotline Reports

Listen to a full replay of Red Flag Reporting's webinar, "How to Respond to Hotline Reports" featuring President and CEO Jeffrey M. Klink. Read more


Jeana Dollear 


SCCE Podcast: Jeff Klink on Kickback Schemes and Due Diligence in Asia

Klink & Co. president and CEO Jeffrey M. Klink discusses the challenges of global compliances programs, especially those operating in Asia, in a new SCCE podcast with Adam Turteltaub. Read more

KLINK Welcomes New Communications Director

KLINK today announced that it has appointed Jeana Dollear as the new Communications Director. Ms. Dollear joins Klink & Co. from SIFMA where she served in a communications and marketing role for almost a decade. Ms. Dollear will report directly to the CEO. Read more

U.S. enforcement is down, but international enforcement is up

The release of TRACE’s Global Enforcement Report 2017 (GER) gives us a chance to reflect on large-scale trends in anti-bribery enforcement. Read more

DOJ Announces Intent To Apply Principles From FCPA Corporate Enforcement Policy To Other White Collar Contexts

At the recent American Bar Association’s National Institute on White Collar Crime, the Department of Justice’s Acting Head of the Criminal Division, John Cronan, announced that the Criminal Division will use the FCPA Corporate Enforcement Policy as “nonbinding guidance." Read more

Cognizant filing says India bribe investigation costs top $60 million

Cognizant’s headcount in India dropped by 8,000 at the end of 2017. Even as the number of people it employs in the US and Europe rose, the company’s annual filing with the SEC showed a trend that analysts expect to see replicated across other Indian IT companies as well. Read more



Jeana Dollear