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The Pandemic and Compliance

COVID-19 continues to have an impact on global business. As companies try and navigate these murky waters, corporate compliance departments are becoming a favored place to cut overhead. This mistake could cost a company far more money than is realized, yet their value is still not understood.

Financier Worldwide: Procurement fraud – an old fraud flourishing in emerging markets and costing businesses billions

Procurement fraud is likely one of the oldest frauds that companies must confront. In recent years, this fraud has flourished in emerging markets. Whether in a public or private setting, procurement fraud is often ‘quid pro quo’, whereby a favour or advantage is given in exchange for something. Read more

Odell Guyton taught FCPA Anti-Corruption & Bribery Course

Odell Guyton, Senior Compliance Expert and Managing Director of Klink & Co., Inc. taught a course on FCPA Anti-Corruption & Bribery at the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics (SCCE) Basic Compliance & Ethics Academy. Read more

Klink advised business leaders from the People's Republic of China

President and CEO Jeffrey M. Klink advised a high-ranking delegation of Chinese leaders at State Department's International Visitor Leadership Program. Read more

Financier Worldwide: What makes some organisations great at compliance

For those who want to do right, and focus on compliant conduct for employees and business partners, this can mean more profits, less headaches and better business results. Read more

Emerging Trends in Fraud Investigation and Prevention

Jeffrey Klink, President and CEO of Klink & Co, Inc., presented Stopping Vendor Kickback Fraud in Emerging Markets at the Emerging Trends in Fraud Investigation & Prevention Conference. Read more


Jeana Dollear 


Compliance & Ethics Professional: FCPA Due Diligence: Starting 2017 on the Right Note

Effective Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) due diligence processes require thought and consideration of risk. Read more

Annual European Compliance and Ethics Institute

Odell Guyton, Managing Director of Klink & Co., Inc. and Co-Founder and a Member of the Board of Directors of the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics, the world's largest compliance organization, participated in the 5th Annual European Compliance & Ethics Institute in Prague, Czech Republic. Read more

Klink Spoke at Compliance & Ethics Conference

Jeffrey Klink, CEO of Klink & Co, Inc., presented FCPA Due Diligence: One size fits all? at the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics Boston Regional Compliance & Ethics Conference. Read more

Building a Solid Compliance Program

How can employers avoid being the target of a government investigation stemming from a hotline call to the Securities and Exchange Commission? Read more

Odell Guyton Joined Klink & Co., Inc.

Odell Guyton joined Klink & Co., Inc. as Managing Director. In this role he will lead investigations and due diligence projects, as well as provide training and other professional compliance services. Read more