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The Pandemic and Compliance

COVID-19 continues to have an impact on global business. As companies try and navigate these murky waters, corporate compliance departments are becoming a favored place to cut overhead. This mistake could cost a company far more money than is realized, yet their value is still not understood.

Corporate Compliance Insights: 7 Crucial Steps To Improved Internal Investigations

When allegations of misconduct are raised, leadership should quickly turn its attention to an internal investigation. Depending on the nature of the supposed wrongdoing, the matter may need to be investigated quickly. Read more

Financier Worldwide: Ongoing Risks in China

Conducting business in any country without doing appropriate homework beforehand can be perilous. Every country has its own set of problems, and that certainly includes the US. Read more

KlinkSMART technology to mitigate your organization risks

Technology is helping clients meet compliance challenges today, but many of these services and solutions have glaring limitations that leave clients vulnerable to regulatory enforcement actions. That's why we created KlinkSMART. Read more

Odell Guyton to teach FCPA Anti-Corruption & Bribery course

Odell Guyton will teach a course on FCPA Anti-Corruption & Bribery at the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics (SCCE) Basic Compliance & Ethics Academy. Read more

Join us at the European Compliance & Ethics Institute

Join Klink & Co., Inc. Managing Director & Presenter Odell Guyton and President & CEO Jeffrey Klink at the European Compliance & Ethics Institute. Read more


Jeana Dollear 


2017 FCPA Enforcement Index

The FCPA Blog released the 2017 FCPA Enforcement Index. Read more

Understanding the limitations of data solutions

Data providers claim that all risks now can be readily identified and mitigated with easy-to-use data solutions. In terms of fraud and diligence work, there is value in databases, but there are also limitations. Read more

Klink Spoke at SCCE Conference

Jeffrey Klink presented “Internal Misconduct Investigations – Seven Steps to Success” at the SCCE Philadelphia Regional Compliance & Ethics Conference on Friday, December 08, 2017. Read more

Compliance & Ethics Professional: Procurement fraud booming in emerging markets and costing billions

In began my career investigating corruption within the New York City government. One of my first cases involved a vendor bribing a city procurement official to win contracts worth tens of thousands of dollars to perform maintenance in city-owned buildings. Read more

Today’s General Counsel: How to Conduct a Successful Internal Misconduct Investigation

Organizations of all sizes confront issues of misconduct, and there is a specific path that investigations should follow in order to determine if misconduct allegations have merit. Read more