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The Pandemic and Compliance

COVID-19 continues to have an impact on global business. As companies try and navigate these murky waters, corporate compliance departments are becoming a favored place to cut overhead. This mistake could cost a company far more money than is realized, yet their value is still not understood.

Case Study: Finishing Fraud

Vendor fraud typically occurs when employees collude with third-parties to defraud organizations. Approximately $50 billion is stolen annually by employees from US businesses and about 7% of annual revenues is lost to theft or fraud. Read more

Corruption Current: India

India is a complex country where religious conflicts, caste conflicts, and corruption are all hard-wired into the nationís psyche. While newcomers to India face a long road in adapting, some not only survive... they flourish. Read more

CCI Magazine: Mitigating FCPA Risk and Maximizing Opportunities in a Global Economy

Entering new markets requires copious amounts of due diligence. While there are risks of corruption and bribery, Greece offers many intriguing perks. KLINK President and CEO Jeffrey Klink outlines the current opportunities and risks of conducting business in Greece. Read more

Case Study: A Valuable Asset

The U.S. loses up to $600 billion annually to international actors stealing American intellectual property (IP). From copyrights to trademarks and trade secrets, IP makes up a huge portion of todayís business. Read more

Corruption Current: Brazil

An inside look into the challenges and opportunities for expanding into Brazil. Read more


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KLINK Introduces New Corporate Brand Identity

KLINK - International Business Intelligence Network
KLINK, a leading provider of corporate intelligence, today introduced a new corporate brand identity, including a redesigned logo, clarifying statement, tagline and domain name. The company will now be known as KLINK. Read more

Corruption Current: Greece

KLINKís Corruption Current spotlights the current challenges and opportunities for expanding into Greece. Positioned in a prime trade location, Greece operates five crucial ports that serve European, Middle Eastern and African countries. Read more

Case Study: The Value in Reporting

Reporting hotlines are the most important tool in the compliance toolbox, yet their importance can be overlooked. Read KLINK's case study on how a hotline report saved a company millions. Read more

FCPA Blog: The Risk of Relying on Auditors to Find Fraud

Kick-back schemes, corrupt employees, and violations of your Code of Conduct are all risks facing businesses every day. To combat these threats, companies often rely on auditors to protect them. But are auditors really the answer? Read more

CEP Magazine: Best Practices When Responding to Hotline Reports

Hotlines can often be the most valuable tool in the compliance, legal and human resources toolbox. In fact, hotline reports often notify organizations about serious problems long before they come to light through other organizational controls. Read more